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2021 Global Outstanding Young Musician Competition

How to apply for Hong Kong Applications:


Register in person or by mail


(1) Please fill in the "Completed Application Form",
(2) Together with the "copy of identity certificate/copy of passport/copy of student ID card",
(3) Together with "crossed cheque, cheque payable to: Hong Kong Piano Association" /
Or "Copy of bank slip, Hong Kong Piano Association, DBS Bank Account: 016-883-350090320" /
Or "Internet Banking/Bank Branch Transfer Screenshot, Hong Kong Piano Society, DBS Bank Account: 016-883-350090320",
(4) Together with the "Copy of the Competition Score", mail or send to the address of the Association:
Shop 126, 2/F, Xin Bei Jiang Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong.
(5) In addition, please share the cloud link of the "Participating Videos" to email: .

register online

(1) Please visit our website and fill in the online "Google Form for Competition Entry Form".
(2) Upload "copy of identity certificate/copy of passport/copy of student ID card",
(3) Upload a copy of "Banking slip, Hong Kong Piano Association, DBS Bank Account: 016-883-350090320" /
Or "Screenshot of Internet Banking/Bank Branch Transfer, Hong Kong Piano Society, DBS Bank Account: 016-883-350090320",
(4) Upload the "Copy of the Competition Score",
(5) In addition, please share the cloud link of the "Participating Videos" to email: .

Registration Instructions

(1) Each registration form can only be registered for one event. For more than one event, please fill in another form (you can make a photocopy by yourself).
(2) If the registration form is unclear, the registration fee is not paid, the film is not submitted, or the information is not complete, the competition will be deemed invalid.
(3) The content and signature of the registration fee check must be correct; all failure to pay, promissory note, etc. will not be followed up individually.
(4) Competitors may choose to participate in more than one competition group, but cannot participate in more than one level competition in the level competition of the same instrument.
(5) Participants are not allowed to change the repertoire after registration. The repertoire of the preliminary competition must be the same as the repertoire of the final competition. The competition will not accept any request to change the repertoire.
(6) If there are individual needs to arrange the competition time, please submit an application by email and submit a copy of the relevant certificate. However, the competition club cannot guarantee to meet the transfer requirements. At that time, participants are requested to abide by the original arrangement of the competition.
(7) If the application form cannot be submitted before the deadline, the Association reserves the right to accept or reject the application form. If accepted, an additional handling fee of HK$150 will be charged.
(8) There is no refund mechanism for withdrawal from the competition. The entry fee will not be refunded, transferred, or transferred to another competition or for other purposes.
(9) All registered participants will be deemed to have read and agreed to abide by the competition arrangements and regulations of this competition.


Game rules:

1. The Association will announce the date and venue of the competition on its website and Facebook page. Participants should check the competition arrangement by themselves. If a participant misses the date, time and place of the competition, it will be regarded as a waiver, and there will be no make-up competition, and the paid registration fee will not be refunded.
2. In response to changes in the epidemic situation, the Association will decide whether the finals will be answered in person in mid-January 2021, or whether the live broadcast review video will be maintained. For details, please follow the association’s website and Facebook page for announcements.
3. If the contestants’ repertoire requires accompaniment, please bring your own piano accompanist, or arrange accompaniment by the organizer (at your own expense).
4. Contestants must report to the organizer 15 minutes before the competition. If the contestant is late or absent, the organizer reserves the right to treat the contestant's entry as a waiver.
5. Contestants must bring a valid student ID card/student handbook to the competition venue according to the registration time to complete the registration procedures.
6. Contestants must also provide photocopies of music scores for judging when registering for the competition. All submitted photocopies of scores will not be returned.
7. Each competitor may only be accompanied by one parent or guardian into the competition venue.
8. During the competition, no person is allowed to take pictures, record or record videos unless authorized by the organizer.
9. The copyrights of all contestants’ videos and related competition videos are owned by the competition organizer; they also have the right to publicly transmit, publicly broadcast, reproduce and distribute related audio and video files for promotional purposes.
10. Smoking, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the competition venue, and mobile phones, pagers and alarm devices should be turned off or adjusted to vibrators. Contestants and spectators must abide by the regulations related to indoor venue buildings, stadiums, and outdoor spaces, and must not interfere with the competition with any gestures or any sound. Violators will be disqualified and expelled from the venue.
11. Participants are required to take proper care of their belongings during the event. The competition will not be responsible for any loss.
12. All participants must abide by the rules set by the competition; anyone who violates the rules may be disqualified from the competition.
13. Competitors do not need to repeat during the competition, except for the songs marked DC and DS.
14. Competitors are not allowed to use any photocopies of music scores when playing the music, otherwise they may be disqualified from the competition.
15. All competition pieces must be played from the beginning, not from the middle. During the performance of the competition, if the judges feel that the performance of the piece is sufficient for scoring, they will ring the bell to signal the contestant to stop the performance, which will not affect the scoring.
16. For the live competition of each group, the results of the competition will be announced in the form of a score sheet about one hour after the competition of the group.
17. No one shall object to the final results of the competition made by the jury.
18. To review the results of the competition, a written application must be submitted by email on the day of the competition with the attachment of the separate paper and the administrative fee of HKD200.
19. The organizer reserves the right to refuse or terminate the entry of ineligible or violators.
20. The organizer reserves the right to amend the competition rules, competition dates and arrangements, prizes, and jury. Subject to change without notice.
21. The personal photos, works or award-winning materials of each contestant may be uploaded to the website or promotional publications of the contest for publicity purposes. The contest has the right to use the contest materials and does not need to pay the contestants.
22. The competition reserves all administrative final decision rights and makes the final administrative ruling.

23. The age calculation of the performer category is based on December 1, 2020.

Scoring Criteria:

The competition judges will judge the tempo, melody, musicality, timbre, song selection, style, manner, typhoon, self-confidence,
The appeal, the processing ability of the music, and the sense of resonance of the audience, etc., are the comprehensive scores for the participating music.

Competition Awards:

● Each group of finals has: champion, runner-up, third runner-up, third runner-up, and fifth place.
● The champion, runner-up, and third runner-up of each group of finals will have a [Universal Outstanding Musician] trophy and a certificate, while the runner-up and the fifth place will have a certificate.
● Except for the champion, runner-up, third runner-up, third runner-up and fifth place in each group, the contestants who reach the specified level in the preliminary round and final round (whichever is higher) will receive a certificate of award: [Outstanding Musician Gold Award] Certificate (80 points or above), [Outstanding Musician Silver Award]
Certificate of Merit (70 points or more), [Bronze Award for Outstanding Musician] Certificate of Merit (60 points or more).
● Certificates will be distributed gradually within two months after the final.
● Winners of the first, second, third, third and fifth place in each category must purchase tickets to attend the awards ceremony concert:
On April 3, 2021, in the Cultural Activities Hall of Shatin Town Hall, Hong Kong, accept the award on stage; otherwise, the competition may refuse or withdraw the award.
● All awards cannot be exchanged for cash.
● The instructor of each group of winners [Champion] will receive a [Outstanding Musician and Teacher Certificate].

Hong Kong International Music Culture Association

Details and enquiries:
Address: Shop 126, 2/F, New Beijiang Shopping Centre, Kingswood Villas, Tin Shui Wai Email: Tel: 26175138
Official website:

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