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E240213 環球傑出青年音樂家比賽 2024 HK class table_page-0001.jpg
E240213 環球傑出青年音樂家比賽 2024 HK class table_page-0002.jpg
E240213 環球傑出青年音樂家比賽 2024 HK class table_page-0003.jpg
E240213 環球傑出青年音樂家比賽 2024 HK class table_page-0004.jpg

The Alink-Argerich Foundation is there to give information, assistance and advice to musicians and competition organisers. The Foundation maintains a unique collection of competition related materials such as application brochures with the rules and conditions of music competitions and competition programme books.


Worldwide, more than 900 international piano competitions exist. AAF monitors

most of them and has extensive documentation about them. Latest catalog of AAF focuses on the 188 AAF member competitions and organisations and contains an enormous amount of details, including top world class competitions such as Chopin International Piano Competition in Poland and The Leeds International Piano Competition in England.

比賽須知及獎項: Bio
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