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Assessment Criteria:

Assessment will be based on, rhythm, melody, control of tone, touch, dynamics, tonal balance, choice of music, style, gesture, overall projection of musical character, personal engagement, confidence and performance flair, etc.

Awards & Prizes:

(1)In each class, there will be champion, 1st runner

         up, 2nd runner up, 3rd runner up and 4th runner


(2)In each class, both trophies & certificates will be

        presented to champion, 1st runner up and 2nd

        runner up winners. For 3rd runner up & 4th runner

        up winners, certificates will be presented.

(3)Besides for above awards, for all participants who

         have reached certain standard, certificates will

         be presented:

        A. For those who scored 85 points or above,

            "Youth Talent Musician Gold Prize" certificate

             will be presented.

        B. For those who scored 75 points or above,

            "Youth Talent Musician Silver Prize" certificate

            will be presented.

        C. For those who scored 65 points or above,

            "Youth Talent Musician Bronze Prize" certificate

             will be presented.

(4)Teacher of each champion will be presented with

         "Youth Talent Musician - excellent teaching"


(5)For teachers or education institutes who has

        nominated contestants to enroll for 10 classes or

        above, "Great Youth Talent Musician Teacher"

        Medal will be presented.


(1)For classical music, repertoire should be played

        from the beginning, do not start your performance

        from the middle.

(2)For classical music, except for those marked with

        D.C. or D.S., please play the repertoire without


(3)For pop music, there is no limitation on how to

        repeat as long as time limit is matched.



VIDEO competition - Points to Note:

(1)Participants must arrive 15 min before marked

        competition time, and show identity document

        with photo for register (Eg. Student ID card/

        student handbook/ HK ID card, etc).

(2)Please bring along 2 copies of music score, with

        participant's nameand competition class on it.

(3)Once the competition started, jury or our staffs

        may reject entry of any persons (including

        participants). Late participants could miss

        important announcement or be disqualified.

(4)Marked competition time is for reference,

        competition will on-going as scheduled and could

        be delayed. We do not accept any application

        for earlier or delay of competition time.

(5)If jury believe the playing is good enough for

        marking, jury could request shorten or terminate

        the performance. If the performance has over the

        time limit, jury has the right to request termination

        of the performance, in this case, marking will not

        be influenced. No objection from the participants

        may be entertained.

(6)Each participant may be companied by one adult.

        On-site seats are reserved for participants. In

        particular sites when seats are limited,

        companions may not have seats inside the site.

(7)We have full right to arrange the competition on

         any date, any time and any site. We reserve the

         right to make changes, or even cancel

         the competition.

(8)In case government has tightened policy due to

        pandemic situation, we reserve the right to

        change LIVE competition to VIDEO competition.



VIDEO competition - Recording Requirements:

(1)Video resolution minimum requirement is 720P. 

(2)Please double check before video submission,

        make sure your performance could be clearly seen

        and heard.

(3)If you send us your file, the file size must not

        exceed 2GB.

        If you send us link of YouTube, google drive,

        OneDrive, etc., there is no limit of size


(4)Video should be taken within 6 months before

        video submission date.

(5)Video has to be made in one take without any

        processing or editing (except adding personal

        introduction in front is allowed).

(6)Video should clearly show the upper body up to

        pedals (if used), hands and keyboard during


(7)Video should include, Full name of the participant,

         category (class), name and number:

        A. Say, write or type it, make it in front of your

            performance, through filming or editing.

        B. Or, include above information in your file


(8)Participants are required to present live

        performance etiquette such as bowing before and

        after the performance. The performer's face must

        be shown clearly (with sufficient lighting in the


(9)Once video is submitted, no change is allowed.

(10)Any video that does not meet the requirements or

          is not related to the competition will be 

         disqualified, and the payment will not be




Things to know before application:

(1)Each application form is for participating

        competition for one class. If you want to join more

        classes, please fill in another form (if you use

        hard copy application form, you may be

         photocopy it).

(2)If handwriting on application form cannot be read

        clearly, or if application fee payment record is

        not submitted properly, or if video is not

        submitted properly, or if information provided is

        not sufficient, we reserve the right to reject your

        application without refund of paid application


(3)Participants may join more than one class.

         However, for graded class with same music

         instrument, you may select only one grade to


(4)Participant could not change choice of repertoire

        after application form submission.

(5)Subject to decision by HKIMCDA, late application

        may be accepted with extra handling fee of

         HK$150 per class.

(6)We do not have any competition withdrawal

        procedure. Application fee could not be refunded,

        nor be transferred to another person, nor  

        be transferred to another competition or event.

(7)Once application form is submitted, applicants

         would be seen as read and agree the rules and

         regulations about the competition. We reserve

        the right to cancel your right to participate in

        case of failed to comply.

How to apply:

(1)In person or by mail

        A. Please prepare below 4 documents, mail or

            deliver in person, to:

            Room 1626, Star House, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kln.

             i.  Filled application form.

             ii. HKID copy or passport copy or student ID


             iii.Crossed check, payment slip or internet

                payment transfer

                screencap, for your application fee.

                Please make your payment to:

                Bank: DBS Bank Hong Kong

                Beneficiary: The Hong Kong Pianist Society

                Account no: 016-883-350090320

                FPS# 105750830

        ** For check payment, please make it payable to

                     "The Hong Kong Pianist Society" **

            iv. Score copy of your repertoire

        B.  For online video submission: 

            before 31-03-2024, please send us file, or

            send us link to download your video, to


(2)By internet

        A. First, please prepare below digital files:

​            i.  Digital file: HKID copy or passport copy

                or student ID copy.

            ii. Digital file: Score pdf of your repertoire

           iii. Credit card for payment

        B. Register as member at our website

        C. Enroll/ place order at our website

        D. For online video submission: 

            before 31-03-2024, please send us file, or

            send us link to download your video, to


Rules & regulations:

(1)We will post updates about the competition,

        through this website and our facebook page,

        please stay tuned. 

(2)After result released, awards, trophies &

        certificates could be received through either:

        A. Collect in person at Rm.1626, Star House,

            Tsim Sha Tsui.  OR,

        B. Courier by S.F. express freight collect.

(3)For those who want to re-check the results, please

        apply within 7 days after result released.

        To apply, please pay in advance HK$200

        admin fee. Please write an email to, including name of

        participants and class joined, along with admin

        fee payment slip. Jury panel will then review and

        make final decision. Then, no one could appeal


(4)All awards and prizes could not change to cash.

(5)HKIMCDA owns the copyright for all videos

        submitted or filmed for this competition. We have

        the right to edit, share or re-post all videos to

        the public, including using them for marketing.

(6)HKIMCDA has all rights to amend rules &

        regulations for the competition, including all

        deadlines, jury members, awards & prizes,

        etc. In case of any argument, HKIMCDA has the

       right to make final decision.

Winners' concert:

(1)Selected champions will be invited to perform in

        winner's concert for their winning piece.

        Performing time will be arranged by HKIMCDA.

        If performer want to revise the performance time

        slot, please request through email and provide

        supporting documents if needed. HKIMCDA

        reserve the right to reject your request, and

        performer should perform according to our plan


(2)Smoking, eating, or drinking is not allowed inside

        the ceremony venue. Please turn your mobile

        phones to silent mode and turn off all alarms.


Our competition is recommended by AAF!

The Alink-Argerich Foundation is there to give information, assistance and advice to musicians and competition organisers. The Foundation maintains a unique collection of competition related materials such as application brochures with the rules and conditions of music competitions and competition programme books.

Worldwide, more than 900 international piano competitions exist. AAF monitors most of them and has extensive documentation about them. Latest catalog of AAF focuses on the 188 AAF member competitions and organisations and contains an enormous amount of details, including top world class competitions such as Chopin International Piano Competition in Poland and The Leeds International Piano Competition in England.

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