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Music world Horizon

23 Music Business Stories

Music World Horizon

Publisher: Global Publication Company

Editor: The Hong Kong Pianist Society &

          Hong Kong International Music Culture Development Association

About the book

"Music World Horizon" brings together fellow musicians and like-minded forces to promote Hong Kong's music culture education and share how music has become a lifelong career through their passion for music.


Along with famous musicians who travelled around the world, we found that beautiful music could connect throughout the world. The conception of "Music World Horizon" stems from this belief in the pursuit of music ideals, hoping to gather the moving stories of partners, popularize music, and make daily music culture more colorful.

Mr. Cheung Ka Shing, Alan

Famous composer and music director from Hong Kong

"On musical journey, love and passion are most important elements. Editors of this book have interviewed many different musical units, and they all have one thing in common, they are dedicated and focused on perfecting what they love. I think: This is exactly what it takes for producing good music & art."

Mr. Chan Man Tat

Conductor of Central & Western District Philharmonic

Chairman of Association De Musique Asie

"This book, "Music World Horizon" is about a group of people who are addicted to music and take the responsibility of promoting, developing, and educating the art of music. It reminded me that, learning music is not just about skills in playing an instrument, but also a media to promote friendship and parent-children relationship.  It also enables people to develop patience, perseverance, self-confidence, and communication skills."

Miss Tang Nga Sum, Carina

Chairlady of the Hong Kong Pianist Society

Chairlady of Hong Kong International Music Culture Association

"Music can stimulate emotions. Musicians often seem to be fighting alone. However, the passion for music we have got, and our entrepreneurial spirit, let us all connected. Together, we can learn from and support each other, along the long musical journey."

Mr. Samuel Kwok

Violinist from Hong Kong

"This project, "Music World Horizon", is beneficial within and outside the music industry. It allows the public to have a glimpse of different jobs about music. It also allows musicians to know what others are doing. Where is their force, their hearts, and their love? It simply connects the music world, and together, we shine brighter."

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