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大型綜藝節目:國際音樂綜藝中秋嘉年華 2022

香港國際音樂文化協會 國際音樂綜藝中秋嘉年華

Mega Entertainment Program: 2022 New year carnival of international music and culture

Charity Program: Youth Sport Promotion Scheme - Open Ceremony - Finale Show - Ensemble Castle - Strings , keyboard & percussion

Music Concert: When Mozart meets Dr. Slump - Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major, K. 414 W.A. Mozart

2021 Outstanding Brand Hong Kong - Hong Kong International Music Culture Association

Commercial Performace:Leaders 2021 - Gala Christmas & New Year Party - Show No.9 x Lokyi x Michelle Lee - Live Music

Black and White Classical Band Business


Music World Horizon" brings together fellow musicians and like-minded forces to promote Hong Kong's music culture education and share how music has become a lifelong career through their passion for music.


Along with famous musicians who travelled around the world, we found that beautiful music could connect throughout the world. The conception of "Music World Horizon" stems from this belief in the pursuit of music ideals, hoping to gather the moving stories of partners, popularize music, and make daily music culture more colorful.

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Kitchen Fun

We invited famous conductor - Chen Wenda, jazz drummer - Edison Lau, classical guitarist - Han Haonan and celebrity chef - Li Jinlian to attend the program "Kitchen Fun". Carina Tang, our chairman, shared food with everyone while enjoying music, integrating music into daily life.

活動花絮: Welcome
活動花絮: Gallery
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